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Customised, targeted content is invaluable in engaging with your members and prompting them to action. We have many years' experience in crafting member-focused content, and can help with newsletters, blog posts, reports and publications. 



Let us take the stress out of organising any size of event for your members. We can help with venue selection and liaision, keynote speaker care, programme management, audio-visual services, sponsor sourcing and communication, exhibitor services and marketing for your event. We have organised smaller workshops for project teams and special interest groups, through to conferences with hundreds of delegates. 


We have worked with member groups for many years, providing a wide range of marketing, events and publishing services. We appreciate the challenges of running an effective membership association, but we also know the great opportunities of finding newer and innovative ways of engaging with your member communities. We are also very flexible in our offer, looking after fledgling groups of under 100 through to larger networks of thousands of members.