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Looking for some more exciting ways of getting your research 'out there'? We have worked with academic researchers to make sure their content is shared effectively to different communities. We know what works for a wide range of audiences and can help get your message out to policymakers, industry and academia. We also offer proofreading and copyediting services to make sure your content is the best it can be. 


We have been organising successful events for the academic community for over twenty years. We can look after all aspects of your academic event, no matter the size or discipline, having run workshops, symposia, colloquia and full-scale conferences for a long time. We have experience of running a complete peer review system for abstracts and papers, organising keynote speakers, parallel tracks, social events, and all promotion and marketing for events. 


If you are looking for a dissemination partner for your research project, we can help. We have experience of supporting funded project teams with their communication work packages, for larger EU projects and smaller institutional or regional programmes. We have also worked with individual academics to promote their new books, research projects or journal articles. 


Our background is in academic publishing, with experience in journals, cases and books. We can help with proofreading and copyediting, publisher selection and answers to your questions about the whole process. We also have experience in launching new journals, both through established publishers and creating them yourself. We are especially proud of our own new launch journal, the International Journal of Instructional Cases.  

We can also work with universities to support staff with their publishing activities via on-site and virtual training, and ongoing one-to-one support.